About Us

As IICRC certified professional restorers, our job is to minimize the damage by prompt and thorough action that will bring your contents and structure as close to pre-damage condition as is humanly possible. With our ultra-modern techniques, it is possible to restore damaged carpets, contents and structural materials to pre-damage appearance. Our professional restorers will leave the area freshly cleaned.

At least one buiness owner is on every job:
Not just insisting that the highst quality is given to each of our customers, but working with the crews and insuring the highest standards. Whether you own a home or a business, Anew Damage Restoration brings that level and comfort and reliability to each and every customer. When you choose Anew Damage Restoration for your needs, you can expect a reliable company providing the highest quality every time.

About The Owner

For 20 years I worked as a tooling engineer in the automotive industry. I had oversight of multi million dollar projects and customer service. Then I was given the opportunity to start our own business that would allow us to focus on customer service.

After training and certifications , I had an opportunity to shadow someone who has been in the restoration industry for 30 years. Taking that training and my engineering background, we have built Anew to be noted as a caring, high quality restoration company. Our customers have mentioned many times that we treat their homes better than they do. Appreciate us having to work with their schedules. And they mention how our crews are polite, caring and have a genuine care for what they do and the home owners.

To have such things said about us and our crew is something we take pride in. That is and always will be our promise to customers, to treat their homes better than ours, provide the highest quality of work, use some of the latest technology in disaster restoration and disinfection and work hard to reduce the loss of items or structure at your home or business.

Fully insured for water restoration, mold remediation, disinfection and meth decontamination
A Damage Restoration Company You Can Trust!

What Makes Us Different

  • We talk to the home owner.
  • How can we save the home owner money? Do they want to be involved in packing their items?
  • They are never just a number to us
  • We have been told by home owners not just thank you, that they will miss seeing all the crew.
  • We use fire retardant plastics for containment. Other companies use cheap products from home DIY store. Even though the standard says use fire retardant plastics
  • We want to keep the families items on site if we have to pack out the home. We will bring in containers to store and clean items onsite
  • Contractors for high end homes have mentioned that they have never seen the quality we supply to the home owners as well as making at easy as possible on the contractors for re-build
  • One painter who paints multi-million dollar homes mentioned that he had a friend who was in the restoration business. He was glad they didn't call his firm. He said his friend is good at what he does. The quality Anew offered the home owner, the cooperation with all the sub contractors he has never seen or worked with company like ours.
  • Home owners are given daily updates on the project through emails.
  • We set up a folder on the web so they can pull down pictures as well
  • We work with their insurance agents
  • Home owners tend to early in the restoration feel comfortable enough with us, they quickly give us alarm pass codes and keys.
  • Home owners have mentioned that we keep everything so clean while we perform the restoration
  • Home owners say we treat their homes better than they do
  • Indoor air quality testing companies have written us thanking for how clean everything was during and after we performed the mold remediation on over half of a home
  • One large fire restoration we did the home owner was amazed how early we would start, how late we would work and how we would work a holiday weekend so they could start moving into their home
  • A large hospital restoration involved many departments in a hospital, they appreciated how we worked with and adjusted our routine to make the process as painless as possible
  • One food industry job we had where mold remediation had to be done in a main office area. The office manager and others couldn't believe we would check for times when we had to run loud equipment so as to interrupt their calls as little as possible.

Listen to what our customers have to say:

Exceptional service!

AQC highly recommends Anew Damage Restoration for any type of environmental cleanup. AQC makes this recommendation because of their high level of professionalism and competence in addition to the extensive training and high level of communication, project management and level of detail that Anew Damage Restoration provides. (read more)

Air Quality Consultants, LLC
Jeffery D. Rostoni

No doubt!

I used Erin Craft to dry out and eliminate mold. From my basement which is completely finished and used as TV room and like a living room. It took about 4 or 5 days as I remember, Should I ever need his type of work again, there would be no doubt as to who would be first on my list -- Erin Craft

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Dewayne T.

First rate company in all aspects!

Due to their hard work and the mold abatement processes they used, we now have a fully habitable basement again. There is no residual oder or anything else to remind us of that Memorial Day weekend in 2011. If anything like this ever occurs again, Anew will get the call. They are a first rate company in all aspects. The trust and respect I have for them is complete.

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Terry E.