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Why A Basement Crack Filling Michigan Company Is Needed

Cracks in the concrete occur for a couple of different reasons. The first reason, moisture permeates any tiny break in the concrete. These breaks occur during the hardening process of the concrete with the evaporation of water from the cement mix. In colder climates, the freeze – thaw cycles of moisture results in expansion and contraction around the foundation. The tiny breaks within the concrete begin to enlarge and therefore become full-fledge leaking cracks.

It’s important to note that water seepage occurs when there is sufficient hydrostatic pressure in the surrounding ground. Water seepage also occurs when the water table is exerting sufficient hydrostatic pressure to leak through cracks in the basement slab or the seam formed where the wall meets the floor – also referred to as the cove. The second reason crack formations occur is a result of movement around the foundation.

Water backup in basement

As the ground stabilizes, any movement can cause the rigid concrete substrate to separate where tiny breaks within the concrete exist. These tiny breaks become large enough to leak water.

At Anew Damage Restoration, a basement crack filling Michigan Company, we know how to repair interior cracks both on foundation walls and floors with our crack filling process. We repair both previously repaired cracks and cracks that have never been repaired. Depending on the type and size, different compounds or processes may be needed for your crack filling project. As a certified company, one process we use allows us to dry the surface of the crack, which is necessary to ensure proper adhesion of the surface patch. Once dry, we can patch the visible portion of the crack and using a low pressure injection process, inject it with structural epoxy or foam compounds to reinforce the wall or floor.

What Makes Us Different

  • We provide the highest quality work to ensure a lasting product for the future of your home or business.
  • Every client receives the attention to detail that Anew Damage Restoration is noted for.
  • The quality and reliability of our team and suppliers is extremely important to us
  • Our dedication to using the highest quality of materials through partnerships with Michigan based businesses and manufacturers where possible
  • We never use high-pressure sales techniques or “scare tactics” to sell something you do not need.

Crack filling isn’t the only service we provide . Check out “Our Other Services” for a complete list of services. Our customer reviews and testimonials are a shining testament to our workmanship and customer service. To read some of our reviews, take a look at our Facebook and Google reviews. Whether you need water intrusion services for an interior issue or an exterior one, give us a call at 866-302-7676 to make an appointment.