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Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

According to the U.S. EPA, the typical home in the United States has between .5 and 1.5 air exchanges per hour. Translation: If the home is somewhere in the middle, say at 1 air exchange per hour (not a “tight house” but not a “drafty” house). This would mean that every hour all the home’s indoor air is replaced with new air.

Where does this new air come from? Amazingly, over 50% of this air comes from the crawl space. As warm air rises, cool air from the crawl space is sucked into the living areas of the home. This combined with other factors, means a significant amount of the air homeowners breath actually comes from the crawl space. A crawl space vapor barrier (sealing) greatly improves the indoor air quality throughout the whole home. Sealing and insulating the crawl space vapor barrier provides a cost effective solution to allergens and irritants by eliminating the source of indoor air problems, and creating a clean, dry, sanitary storage space.

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