Dewitt Restoration Company

We Are The Most Dependable DeWitt Water Intrusion Specialists
Are you trying to find a talented and experienced DeWitt water intrusion company? Look no further than the team at Anew Damage Restoration. We are a local company that aids people in the area with all things that involve damage from water intrusion. If you want to maintain a structure that is safe and dependable, then our DeWitt specialists can come to your rescue.

Should You Think About Hiring a DeWitt Water Intrusion Company
Our specialists address all kinds of issues that routinely appear as a result of water damage. Our services include:
* Crack Repair
* Crawlspace Encapsulation
* Foundation Repair and Stabilization
* Mold Remediation
* Retaining Wall
* Seawall Stabilization
* Soil Stabilization
* Water Damage Mitigation

If you have any concerns that involve staining on your walls or ceilings or damp corners in your basement, these could indicate that a water intrusion issue is to blame. If you are concerned about water eroding your retaining wall or seawall, we can be of assistance with our “no excavation” processes. Strong maintenance practices can go a long way. Looking after your home or business can be beneficial for detecting problems early on and addressing them before they become major problems. If you want to be able to stop complex and stress-inducing water intrusion troubles from getting worse and larger in scope, then upkeep assistance can be priceless. Our technicians can help you with your individual issues. If you want to take care of a significant leak or even just a small one, we’re ready to help.

The Perks of Hiring Our DeWitt Water Damage Company
Anew Damage Restoration has been a staple in the local restoration world since our beginning in 2009. We work with customers who are located all throughout and around the Lansing area. Our team members take customer service very seriously. We work with you every step of the process. If you have any questions that involve repairing water damage, we can answer them. We give you ample details to make an informed decision that you can be comfortable with. Caring for water damage issues is stressful enough without the added hassle or worry of trying to find the right water intrusion
company. If you want to find a nearby water damage business that is known for making each client a priority, we are right here for you.

Call the Anew Damage Restoration Team
Are you searching for professionals who can give you access to DeWitt water intrusion services that are detailed-oriented? Call the team at Anew Damage Restoration at 866-302-7676 and book an appointment.