Crawl Space

Drainage Systems

Musty odors, structural damage and dangerous mold growth are just some of the effects caused by moisture. However, the moisture issue can be corrected many times by means of an interior drainage system. At Anew, we install drainage systems in basements that have not had any drainage or we have products and equipment that can be used for existing systems that no longer are working properly. Over time, drainage systems can fail due to lines becoming plugged with dirt.
With properly functioning drainage systems, these take moisture that is coming in from around the foundation and direct it to a sump pump to take the water away from your home or building. If the amount of moisture intrusion is minimal, we can install a channel system to direct the moisture to a sump pump without having to remove as much concrete as a normal interior drainage system requires. Whenever we install sump pumps, we use fully sealed sump pits. The reason is that high levels of radon gas can enter the structure where the sump pit is located. This protects, you, your family and if you have a business, your employees.

Air pollutants and water vapor can enter the basement and crawl space through cracks in the foundation and floor. In addition, soil gases, including radon gas, can migrate into the basement through cracks in the floor and infiltrate the living areas of your home. Stop Unhealthy Infiltration - Call Anew Damage Restoration today.