Fire Damage Restoration Greater Lansing and Surrounding Areas

Fire Damage Restoration

If a fire has occurred at your home or property, chances are the damage is serious. Fire can cause minor smoke damage, or can completely engulf an entire structure. Although this can be a stressful time Anew Fire Damage Restoration can take care of returning the property to a safe, inhabitable, state.
Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business in more ways than one can imagine. Firefighting efforts can result in widespread water damage and flooding. Smoke from even a small fire can travel to hidden areas within your home or business. Areas outside the visible fire damaged area.
Our specialized fire and water damage restoration training and experience will aid in quickly cleaning up and restoring your home to pre-fire condition. Removing the pervasive smoke odor and deep-clean soot. View our tip on “what to do” below until help arrives.

Professional Fire Damage Assessment

Anew will inspect your property to check the soundness of the remaining structures and assess existing damage. We will then discuss our findings with you, so that you are fully informed of the results that can be reasonably expected. Work will then commence to repair the basic structures of the property to ensure that your home or business is stable and safe. We will even work with your insurance company on your behalf to help make the process of recovery as easy as possible. We take it personally and try to ensure that every project is dealt with as someone’s loss, not just a project.

Contacting the right fire damage restoration company is critical for the reparation of your property and belongings. Anew has the experience and the know how, to promptly assist you in your time of need. We use the latest and greatest in technology and equipment to provide the best service to our customers.


Quick Response to your Fire or Smoke Damage

Fires can be more destructive then you think. The structure and contents within may all be damaged by flames, heat, smoke and water.
Property loss or destruction after a fire is often the result of the smoke paired with fire damage, not fire damage alone. The site must be inspected to determine the extent of which fire, smoke, heat, and moisture have impacted the property. As experienced fire restoration professionals we know key areas to examine, areas that often go unchecked because they were unaffected by fire damage. These areas are still a danger because smoke can penetrate structural cavities creating hidden damage and odor.
Unfortunately the damage incurred during even a small fire can not only be harmful, but the effect can be more widespread than you anticipate. Fire damage of course causes smoke damage, water damage from firefighting efforts. This water damage can quickly lead to mold and permanent damage in as little as 48 hours.

Fire Damage and Insurance

All policies require homeowners to report their loss as soon as is reasonably possible. You can comply by calling your agent or sending an email.

Fire restorers can provide hints to prevent further damage, help determine which items can or cannot be refurbished, and provide estimates and services for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing your home.

You must notify your insurance agent, but that doesn’t prevent you seeking the advice of a professional fire damage restoration company. We can help provide advice to minimize your damage until the insurance process is complete. Unsure or need advice, we are happy to answer your questions. Just give us a call 866-302-7676.


1. Do not wipe or attempt to wash fire residues from walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces.
2. Stay away from carpeting or upholstered furniture impacted by smoke residues or debris.
3. Do not use food items or canned goods exposed to heat.
4. Do not turn on computers, TVs, stereos or other electrical appliances until they have been cleaned and checked.
5. Do clean and protect chrome trim on faucets by washing with detergent and applying a coating of Vaseline or oil.
6. Do blow off or brush-vacuum loose smoke particles from upholstery, draperies and carpeting.
7. Do open windows for ventilation, if weather permits.
8. Do empty refrigerators and freezers if electricity is off. Also, prop doors open with a rolled towel or newspaper to allow air circulation.
9. Do pour antifreeze in toilet bowls, tanks, sinks and tub drains to prevent freeze damage if heat is off in the winter.
10. Do call a plumber to drain and blow out all water lines if heat is off in winter.
11. Do remove pets to a clean environment if heavy fire residues are present.
12. Do retain a contractor to board up open windows, roofs or other penetrations in order to prevent additional damage.

Visit our Resource Section for insurance information related to water damage and frequently asked questions.

We are happy to work directly with you and your insurance company.