Foundation Repair

Are Your Foundation Walls Bowing, Shearing, Tipping or Cracking?

No Excuvation Water ProofingYou may need foundation repair work done on your home. Whether your home is new or older, over time our basement walls can crack when the structural integrity has been compromised. A compromised basement can be caused from multiple issues such as freeze thaw cycles, water erosion, water intrusion, substrate voids and even drought to name a few. When dealing with such issues, Anew Damage Restoration’s objective is to match the needed goal for the foundation repair with the best solution. Such solutions may include:

• CMU Stitching (Concrete Blocks)
• Cracked Concrete Wall and Floor stapling
• Cracked Foundation Wall Repair
• Carbon Fiber Reinforcement (Invisibeam)
• Mortar Repair
• Waterproofing
• Polyurethane Curtain Grouting

Our services and products offer the ability to achieve specific results for your foundation repair project. If you are noticing issues with your foundation, please call our team and one of our foundation specialists will be happy to assist you with your foundation repair project or fill out our contact form here.