Houghton Lake Restoration Company

Most Capable Houghton Lake Water Intrusion Company
Anyone who has had a water damage incident knows the terrible feeling that literally looms over your head when you are worried about extensive damage, including the possibility of mold to your home or damage to personal belongings, especially if they have sentimental value. However, there is good news for all home and business owners. Anew Damage Restoration is a Houghton Lake water damage company that can assist you with your water-related troubles. If you are looking for a company that is qualified, diligent and dedicated, we are that company. We service both commercial and residential clients on many things involving water intrusion and the resulting damage. Our in-house staff is extremely well trained and the owners are involved in every step of each project. If you want to see some images of our projects, go to “Our Work” section. Additionally, you will find several testimonials from our completely satisfied customers.

Need a Houghton Lake Water Damage Company?
If you think you have a water intrusion issue and need a water damage specialist, don’t worry, we can schedule an appointment at your convenience. If your Houghton Lake home or business has evidence of water damage, we can help. However, an inspection or assessment doesn’t just have to be done when you feel like trouble is looming. Routine property assessments can help catch undetectable problems, that if left unattended, can turn into something problematic. If you notice something conducting your own inspection, we suggest hiring professionals to assist in evaluating your findings. Regular maintenance can, in many cases, prevent small issues from becoming major ones.

There are many indicators that can denote a water intrusion problem. If you notice odd stains on the ceiling or walls, this could mean you have leaks inside of your home. Don’t forget that persistent leaks can lead to substantial water damage. Other things can signify that something just isn’t right in your home, business or other exterior structures. You may have cracks or missing mortar in the basement walls showing up or building materials have taken on a strange wet feeling. If you notice such conditions, then that is not normal and you may want to get that looked at. From small homes to busy companies, we can handle it. The main reason is that we don’t just have the experience, but we are trained and maintain tight standards on each and every job we do. We take this seriously.

Not Just a Houghton Lake Restoration Company
Anew Damage Restoration isn’t your typical restoration company. We also provide a variety of other water-related services for businesses and residents. These services include:
* Crack/mortar repair,
* Crawlspace encapsulation
* Waterproofing options,
* Foundation repair and stabilization,
* Soil and seawall stabilization,
* Mold remediation

We excel at each of these services because we continue to train using the most up-to-date technology and products. Continuing education keeps our team on the cutting edge of our industry.