After any water damage, mold damage, sewage damage or fire damage to your home or business, you first want to contact your insurance agent. This will keep your insurance provider up to date, as well as letting you know what you have for coverage. Having a good working relationship with your insurance agent is a great asset.

If the damage is covered by your insurance company, we just need a few pieces of information to get started, including a claim number and insurance carrier’s information. Any deductibles are payable at the start of work. At Anew Damage Restoration, we work for you, not the insurance company.

It is important to understand that even though you have insurance coverage, this does not mean that they will always pay 100% of your claim. Understanding and reviewing your policy on a yearly basis is a benefit to you as a home or business owner. Policies change yearly and so does the coverage provided by the insurance provider. So make sure you thoroughly review any correspondence from your insurance company.


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