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Your Ludington Water Intrusion Company
With today’s busy schedules, we likely do not think about needing to know anything about a water damage specialist, until there is a problem. The truth is, it is important for Ludington homeowners and business owners to understand the significance of doing regular inspections of their property. This would encompass the interior and exterior, as well as retaining walls and even seawalls. This is especially true with locations close to our beautiful Michigan lakes. With proper maintenance and upkeep, our structures can last for many years.

The good news is that you have already found a Ludington water intrusion company that can service your needs with the quality you deserve. We are committed to quality workmanship and exceptional customer attention. This starts right at the beginning of the process, and carries on through well past the completion of the project.

When you consider our Michigan weather, there is an abundance of hazards that threaten our homes or businesses daily. Severe thunderstorms can drop inches of rain and over-saturate the ground, only to cause water to intrude our homes. Then we have our winters that build up snow and ice which, with our fluctuating temperatures, can also wreck havoc on our homes. That is why regular inspections are vital and why it is so important to have a trusted water intrusion specialist available to assist you.

Make Us Your Ludington Water Damage Company of Choice
The Anew Damage Restoration team has a proven record of successfully servicing areas all around Michigan. We would love to assist you in addressing your water damage concerns and become your water damage company of choice. Give us a call today at 866-302-7676 to talk to one of our specialists. Services that we provide to the Ludington area include:
* Crack repair
* Crawlspace encapsulation
* Foundation repair and foundation stabilization
* Waterproofing options
* Seawall and Retaining wall stabilization
* Soil stabilization