Seawall Repair Lake Odessa Mi.


Beech St.
Lake Odessa MI. 48849

Seawall Repair Lake Odessa Estimate

It is getting less and less common to see a concrete seawall like this one we recently went and inspected a seawall repair Lake Odessa. The seawall was actually in decent condition. However, where the concrete met the metal seawall, there was a leak. This is causing the soil to erode right behind that joint. To stop this from occurring, we recommended our injection process. This will help seal the void in the concrete to metal joint, but also stabilize any of the loose soil that was affected by the void. The foam we use is also potable water and marine life safe! No harm to the water or wildlife in the lake.

Anew Damage Restoration is a Michigan based company that was founded in 2009. We help our customers in the multiple facets of water intrusion, foundation repair, crack filling, basement waterproofing, vapor barrier, seawall repair and soil stabilization. Our mission is to provide the best solution to your water damage needs.

We firmly believe that learning never ends. That is why Anew continues to educate our team with the latest techniques, materials and advancements that can help our customers. Our approach is to use our knowledge in the materials, restoration processes and team support to preserve your residence or business. This is what makes Anew an award winning, top-performing company

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